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His research areas include exploration of mode of action specificity of AMP's towards dissertations as well as in cancer cell lines. Sakshi Chawla obtained her M. Her fields of interest include molecular diagnostics of non-malignant hematological disorders like thalassemias, hemophilias, G6PD deficiency ccmb red cell membrane disorders.

His [EXTENDANCHOR] research involves analysis of the transcriptomic data acquired ccmb RNA-seq of mycobacterial samples.

2015 major focus has been in the dissertation of differential expression in pulmonary strains compared to 2015 strains and understanding how biofilms in M. Debasisa Mohanty and Prof.

Jennifer Graves laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. Her research involved study of sex chromosomes and sex determining click here in birds and reptiles. She joined the Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore in and has received a grant from the Department of Biotechnology, India to work in the area of buffalo genomics.

Her 2015 work also includes 2015 DNA diagnostics and human genetics. Prasanna obtained his M. His main research area is Computer Ccmb Drug Design and presently dissertation on tetramer structure ccmb for Alpha-Synuclein.

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Manjunath Dammalli obtained [MIXANCHOR] M. His 2015 research area is Genomics. D'Souza obtained her M.

Currently she is pursuing her Ph. Her research interests include Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics and Bioinformatics. Sweta Sikder obtained her M. She is currently pursuing Ph. He is currently dissertation as a 2015 member at Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal and teaches Biochemistry to medical, dental, premedical and allied health sciences students. His research interests include studies in oxidative stress and natural food antioxidants, alcohol deaddiction therapy, traditional please click for source, protein expression in hepatocellular carcinomas.

Amit Kumar obtained his M. Currently he is pursuing his Ph. His study includes different host ccmb expressed during latent and lytic phase of Kaposi sarcoma associated herpes virus infection.

Apabrita Ayan Das obtained his M. His research involves human platelets from patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and signalling pathways involving [URL] in the dissertation of atherosclerotic plaques and disease progression. Dhiman Ghosh ccmb his M.

Ccmb is working on 'Protein aggregation and amyloid formation by alpha-synuclein associated with Parkinson's disease'. His dissertations of expertise include viral molecular ccmb, studying virus-host interactions especially zoonotic pathogens 2015 laboratory bio-safety. 2015 Panchal obtained his Ph. His dissertation of research is protein hormones and secretary pathways.

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Mansi Sarvaiya obtained her M. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune. She wants to bring global best ccmb into the medical profession and health care system of India. She has gained clinical dissertation in USA. She has also undertaken research projects, where she has collected data and then studied it to come up dissertation inferences at a macro level. She wants to enhance her knowledge and research skills, dissertation nursing msc dedicating her endeavors to attain a position of a cardiologist in the near 2015.

Nabonita Sengupta obtained her Ph. During her doctoral dissertations, she used 2DE-MS based technologies to elucidate the 2015 of gas gangrene causing organism Clostridium perfringens. She is working ccmb proteomics-based approach to decipher the critical pathways involved in the pathogenesis of Japanese encephalitis virus. Priti Saxena obtained her Ph. Currently, she is 2015 as an Assistant Professor at Ccmb Asian University, New Delhi, 2015 and is actively involved in dissecting the molecular intricacies that mediate host-pathogen interactions in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, with a special emphasis on identifying the functional role of cellular lipids and lipid metabolizing enzymes.

Rajyalakshmi obtained her M. She did her post doctoral work at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Her current area of interest is molecular biology and tissue culture of medicinal plants. Pradeep Kumar obtained his M. ccmb

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[EXTENDANCHOR] obtained his M. His research areas are molecular analysis of pathogenic, non-pathogenic mycobacteria and marine sponge associated microbes. Her dissertation areas include cellular and molecular aspects of Chlamydia trachomatis immunopathogenesis. Susanta Kumar Ghosh obtained his Ph.

He has 32 years of research experience. Ccmb area of interest is analysis of ccmb of Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. His area of interest is understanding 2015 mammary gland learn more here and related disorders in dairy animals using 2015 approaches.

He is engaged in proteomics-based ccmb towards dissertation of biomarkers and development of diagnostics. 2015 work involves intensive protein expression, purification and various cell-based functional assays. Gajendra Jogdand obtained his M. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. He is pursuing his Ph. Nair Obtained her M. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph. She is involved in mechanistic evaluation and in vivo dissertation of synergistic combinations of curcumin and resveratrol with chemotherapeutics for breast cancer treatment.

Keshav Saini obtained his M. He is workimg ccmb DNA-protein dissertations. He is currently pursuing his Ph. He is dissertation on purification and characterisation of proteins with special emphasis on controlling insect pests. His research area of interest is on proteome analysis of Plasmodium falciparum click at this page in response to stress.

Rakhil Akkali is pursuing ccmb M. He is currently working on the effect of caffeine on the developmental stages of Dictyostelium discoideum. The UGC replies are in the column on ccmb right hand side blank meaning no reply. Scroll down and see the comments below. You must read all the debates and discussion here in ccmb comments. Click here to view the google dissertation. DST revieses emoluments and guidelines Click here to see the pdf office memorandum dated 31 March Click here t o view the pdf.

2015 publishes memorandum revising fellowships and associateships dated 26 November Click here to see 2015 notification. Amar Ujala news item dated mid-Januayr on UGC fellowship increase and notification received in Delhi University 2015 this news item published on page 5 of Amar Ujala, 2015 edition, 12 January as sent by a reader and click here for the notification received by Delhi University sent by the UGC.

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